High School Opens Health Clinic Doors to Englewood

High School Opens Health Clinic Doors to Englewood

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An Englewood high school is continuing its efforts to be a better neighbor to the surrounding community. 

It’s most recent effort is an in-school health center that is now open to residents.

Chicago Public Radio’s Natalie Moore reports.
During the day, the health clinic at Lindblom Math and Science Academy is for students.

After 2 p.m., the clinic welcomes Englewood residents.

Alan Mather is the principal of Lindblom. He says the clinic is part of the school’s overall mission.

MATHER: We want to make certain that much of what we do is in service to the Englewood community. We don’t want to just have students and teachers come in, do their jobs and leave.

Access Community Health Network runs the clinic. A third of Access patients have no insurance.

Mather says in the past there’s been tension between the magnet high school and some Englewood residents.

So when Lindblom got a $42 million renovation, a health clinic was included.
Access officials say Englewood needs a clinic because of too few health facilities in the area.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.