Hired Truck Scandal

Hired Truck Scandal

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Chicago Aldermen say the image of public officials took another hit Wednesday with revelations that City Clerk James Laski may be involved in the city’s Hired Truck scandal.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that two of Laski’s employees secretly recorded conversations in which Laski incriminated himself.

Ald. Toni Preckwinkle says voters elected him to a four-year term and the revelations don’t necessarily mean Laski will resign as city clerk.

“He’s innocent until proven guilty, although the way in which this Hired Truck scandal has unwound doesn’t make me very optimistic about what the outcome is for him personally,” Preckwinkle says.

Alderman Ricardo Munoz says Chicago Mayor Richard Daley should appoint a Latino to replace Laski.

However, Daley won’t speculate on a successor until the position is vacant. And he says no office is reserved for any one ethnicity.

Ald. William Beavers says he doesn’t think Laski committed any crimes. He says Laski probably did what everyone does, that is, he tried to help his friends.