I Love You

I Love You
Team Northside College Prep
I Love You
Team Northside College Prep

I Love You

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Performing this piece from Team Northside College Prep is:

Tasha Viets-VanLear, 15
Nina Coomes, 15
Elisha Miles, 15
Robert Raymond, 18 

Northside College Preparatory High School is located on the northwest side of Chicago.

I Love You
T: I love you
R: I love you
N: I love you
E: I love to fly
R: No, no come on baby,
N: It’s a love poem
T: You’re supposed to say “I love you”
RNT: Try this:
RNT: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
N: Butter Cup, Honey Pie Won’t you be my boo?
RNT: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
T: Mom, Dad, Brother, It’s you I can turn to.
RNT: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
R: There’s poetry in my pants Whenever I see you.
E: Roses are red, violets… I don’t mean flying in a helicopter or an airplane, Not falling from a short ledge, free falling
N: Ahh…falling…Falling in love,
NR: falling into your eyes/lap
T: Looking up at you when I fell from my bike you kissed my knee
E+T: It’s magic
N: Your eyes put a spell on me
R: Your curves mesmerized me
E: I mean really flying ‘cause once in flight, feelings are distilled from my cloudy mind,
Leaving me detached from the world with the pure thought of
R: You walkin’ in all that buttery smooth skin you glidin’ not yet ridin’ our two worlds about to be collidin’
E: No, flying, flying
N: You’re the hop to my kangaroo
T: You make the best apple pie in the world…
N: My knight in shining armor
R: I like the way you move…
T: I won’t put you in a nursing home.
N: I love you, I love you more, No I love you more…
E: Shut up! I don’t want your sandbag notions of love Just let me fly let my rubber bands of gravity go slack so I can be another water droplet in the sky
RENT: Love is not a formula, because
R: I love more than your curves
RT: Your curving smiles
RTN: Your smiling eyes
E: guiding my flight
RENT: I love you for all the good things
T: For building with me a house of cards that covered the living room floor
R: ever since fifth period together you-you were the most beautiful girl there
N: with futuristic starshine a phrase with gravity I’m a dreamer, so I remember all the night time words that we spoke
RENT: And I love you for all the bad things
R: you thought I was a little boy
T: For telling me the boogeyman lived in my shoes
R: but little boys think with their hearts and not with their—
N: long, hard phone conversations
NE: trying to make everything
RENT: better again
E: But the air is pretty thin up there so I always end up feeling fainty
RENT: There are no easy solutions
N: I’m going to preserve my notebooks Just to mess with the archaeologists 400 years from now
So they can look at your name Written over and over again (repeat “over and over again” in the background)
R: I think about your legs and the space between I told you this you reached over to slap me and you smelled like peaches
T: And for yelling at me to shut up and go away so loud that your voice almost knocked down our house of cards
N: I want them to find my ashes next to
Yours And know that a fire once burned there
E: Science can’t explain why I can fly
My mom doesn’t want to hear it.
Even my friends won’t believe me and
Victor doesn’t even know that it feels like flying when I’m around him.
TR: Our love didn’t fit the textbook
EN: But what have textbooks ever been worth?
T: I want to rebuild that house of cards
R: I want to know you intimately
N: I want to embrace you for an eternity
R: Because It feels
RT: Like I’m flying
RTN: When I’m around you
E: And I love you