I took a foul ball off my head at Wrigley (and other Monday morning news observations)

I took a foul ball off my head at Wrigley (and other Monday morning news observations)
Flickr/Keith Garner
I took a foul ball off my head at Wrigley (and other Monday morning news observations)
Flickr/Keith Garner

I took a foul ball off my head at Wrigley (and other Monday morning news observations)

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The record rainfall and subsequent flooding is the worst I’ve seen in my short time in Chicago. I’m not talking about the state of emergencency in Des Plaines or the trouble along the Fox River, I’m just specifically talking about the city. And I know a couple years back, the far North and Northwest sides took a huge hit, but this year’s flooding seems to be worse.

Not sure this is the best shelter when Chicago's getting record rainfall. (Flickr/Keith Garner)

Yesterday, I glossed over the news coverage of the flooding because I knew I would be able to catch up this morning. But on a quick look at both newspaper’s web sites, flooding was removed from the top stories. It wasn’t even listed in “more headlines.”

Is this story over already? Try telling that to the millions of people with shoddy dry-vacs and their kids’ beach buckets. If you are a local news operation, let me throw you a couple bones and help do your job:

1. Restaurants. It’s one thing to flood out a basement, but what are the issues when a restaurant basement floods? Cause you know that’s where they store their fresh chicken and seafood.

2. Flood insurance. I’ll bet those who live near rivers have flood insurance. But what about townhomes and condos on, say, Fullerton Avenue? I remember when I bought my condo (high and dry) that I was told that we were not covered for floods. We had to buy separate insurance, but it didn’t come with the whole homeowner package. Does that mean a ton of people are just paying out of pocket for this rainstorm? Or heck, go walk along the Southport/Belmont area or Wicker Park/Pilsen and see if any of those garden level apartments and condos flooded out. Not basements, but someone’s entire apartment.

3. What happens to your car if it gets caught in water and you leave via kayak? When it gets towed away, does the city provide your location or do you just go to your friendly neighborhood tow lot and explain your situation to the helpful staff behind the bullet proof glass? Cause that sounds like a winner of a Monday morning (sarcasm alert).

B story: I went to the Cubs game yesterday and was fortunate enough to touch a foul ball. Actually, it bounced off my head. I had some great seats down the left field line and then ran into a friend who was leaving. He gave me his tickets, which happened to be 4th row behind home plate. We were a few rows from Reverend Jesse Jackson. I was enjoying the sun when a random player (can’t remember who) popped one foul behind the plate. I saw it coming at me and was giddy that a foul ball was that close. Then I realized it was heading right for me. So I did what every fan does and flailed my arms in the air in some drastic attempt to catch a fly ball. It ended up two seats over, where my brother was in prime position. He went for it, but the ball popped off his palm (ERROR). After it hit the palm, it made a bee line for my head. The ball bounced off the top of my head and went straight in the air, two rows back. The guy caught it, everyone cheered. Then I high-fived a couple dudes and had a few more $7 Bud Lights.

Random observation about going to Wrigley: When did all beer become $7? It used to be Bud and Bud Light were more expensive than Old Style, because Old Style is cheaper (code for gross). Now, everything is just $7.

C story: Authorities got the okay to auction off Betty Loren-Maltese’s house. Loren-Maltese is offering lunch to whoever is the winning bidder. I don’t know if she’s buying, though.

D story: The new Q101 is crazy. They go straight from “Life is a Highway” to reports about flooded highways. It’s adult contemporary news. For now. And all the news has a beat under it. That’s what we call innovation. I’ve been lobbying Torey since I got here to drop some Beastie Boys instrumentals under All Things Considered. Nobody listens to me.

Weather: Today is actually a nice day.

Sports: Hey! It’s seems like we have a football season coming up!!!! I’m trying really hard not to make a joke about Jay Cutler breaking up with his lady. I don’t watch football for their social lives. I, for one, am happy for the split. I don’t want some socialite sitting in the Soldier Field box stealing TV time from Aikman breaking down the game. Just be a great football player, leave the Kardashian bullsh*t for the Kardashians. Does anyone remember when Paris Hilton dated Brian Urlacher? All I know is she wore his jersey while we were embarrassed by the Packers on MNF.