If Blagojevich gets 30 years-to-life, I’m moving to Canada

If Blagojevich gets 30 years-to-life, I’m moving to Canada
If Blagojevich gets 30 years-to-life, I’m moving to Canada

If Blagojevich gets 30 years-to-life, I’m moving to Canada

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The prosecution wants Blago to serve 30-to-life? Is that a typo? If so, that would translate to: “We really hate your guts and want to pay you back for embarrassing us the last couple years. How you like them apples?” It makes for good headlines, but according to a statement released by the U.S. Attorney’s office this morning, “The government has not recommended a sentence publicly or privately, not withstanding news reports to the contrary.”

B story: Representative Joe Walsh’s lawyers were in court for a hearing on the ol’ child support issue. Walsh’s wife claims he owes her more than $100,000 in child support payments. Walsh says he doesn’t. At a hearing yesterday in McHenry County, the judge wanted to know why Walsh wasn’t in court himself for the proceedings. His lawyer said it was because he was a congressman (as in, too important to be back here for a hearing). That’s funny. He will leave Congress to skip Obama’s job address, but not for his own court case. And furthermore:

She says her ex-husband started making half-payments years ago and then completely stopped sending any money. He claimed he was broke, she said. But last year, when she saw he had made a $35,000 contribution to his own congressional campaign, she became suspicious about his claims that he had no money.”

If that’s true, that’s just straight up lying, right? Again, this is one of the main guys criticizing President Obama’s management of the country’s finances.

C story: Foreclosures are way up for August. The Trib must get monster traffic off these doom and gloom stories, because they bury the fact that compared to this time last year, foreclosures are actually down 26 percent. Depression sells.

D story: Oh man, did you read this story about the lawsuit against Cicero President Larry Dominick? A woman is filing harassment charges after working with the FBI to get him on tape. This quote wins quote of year:

In her deposition, Starzyk described her frustration at Dominick’s alleged continued groping. She described how she, Dominick and his secretary drove to an animal rescue site in early 2009, and what happened after Dominick’s secretary got out of the car.

Dominick “turned around and grabbed a breast, passed some gas, got out of the car. And I just sat in there, this is it. I’m done. I am absolutely done. It’s never going to stop,” Starzyk said.

That assault on my senses will haunt me forever.

Weather: Cold. But I love it.

Sports: The word on the street is that Ozzie Guillen might be out as the White Sox manager. Apparently, there is no situation in which Williams (GM) and Ozzie (manager) will work together next year. And the Sun-Times has a few sources who say Williams is definitely coming back. So that, coupled with the desire for the White Sox to compete (and not suck it up like they have since the ‘05 WS), indicates that could be it for the bombastic Chicago superstar manager. I wish Ozzie would stay. I really love him and his passion. But, numbers are numbers. And this White Sox team just ain’t cutting it. I say Ozzie coaches the Cubs next year. If history repeats itself, Ozzie would take two years to make that ballclub a winner. Think about it, Tom. And while you are at it, renovate Wrigley. Chicagoist had a great interview with an architect from Notre Dame on this very subject.

Kicker: The media loves a good one-night-stand story. Apparently, basketball star Glen Rice had one with VP candidate Sarah Palin. I’ll bet it was during the height of Rice’s popularity. I like Glen Rice. Mostly because he was just sick in NBA Jam. Here, watch some of his moves: