Illinois’ not-so-magnificent miles

Illinois’ not-so-magnificent miles

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‘SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE.’ That’s the American Society of Civil Engineers president assessing the D-plus his group’s awarding Illinois for condition of its infrastructure. The Tribune says the society found 73 percent of Illinois roads in poor or mediocre shape — at an average annual cost to the typical motorist of $292 in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs.
* So come for a visit — but just don’t drive: Chicago’s set to double its tourism and convention bureau budget this year.

‘MAYOR STEPHENS WANTS THE CUBS TO KNOW THEY HAVE AN OPTION.’ A spokesman for Rosemont elaborates on an offer to give the Ricketts family 25 acres of land to build a replica of Wrigley Field in the ‘burbs if things don’t work out in Chicago.
* Plan to spend $3 million to expand the Northerly Island concert pavilion up for vote Thursday.

‘APOLOGIZE ON AIR FOR SYMPATHIZING WITH THE STEUBENVILLE RAPISTS.’ More than 100,000 people have signed an online petition demanding CNN renounce its “disgusting” portrayal of two athletes convicted of raping a woman.
* TV networks aired 16-year-old rape victim’s name.
* Blogger who flagged Steubenville case fights criticism she helped create “Internet lynch mob.”

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THE STATE OF JOURNALISM. Know the story of the blind men and the elephant? That’s the sort of treatment the Pew Research Center’s 2012 News Media Consumption survey is getting. Choose your own adventure:
* “Report: Local news somehow even worse than it was before.”
* “News Coverage of Local Politics Is Fading Away.”
* “State of the media: The cracks are still widening, but some light is also getting in.”
* “As Mobile Grows Rapidly, the Pressures on News Intensify.”
* “Nearly one-third of U.S. adults have abandoned a news outlet due to dissatisfaction.”
* “This Is the Scariest Statistic About the Newspaper Business Today.”
* “Newspaper Newsroom Staff Numbers Are at Lowest Point Since 1978.”

… AND SO, CRY ‘HYPOCRISY’ IF YOU WILL. BUT NOT IF YOU CLICK HERE. The Atlantic: “17,616 Men Went to the ER for Zipper-Related Penis Injuries Between 2002 and 2010.”

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