Illinois Senate Approves Gun Control Bill

Illinois Senate Approves Gun Control Bill

The Illinois Senate passed a bill today that would close loopholes in the state’s gun control legislation. It would require the state to share more information with the federal government.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan says under the current law people who are unable to purchase firearms in Illinois can just cross state lines.

MADIGAN: The problem right now with the law in Illinois isn’t that we don’t have a law. It’s that we don’t have a law that would capture all people who would be a clear and present danger to themselves and others and therefore there are potentially people out there who are not being prohibited from purchasing guns who should be.

The bill would also require some mentally ill patients receiving outpatient treatment to be included in the database used for background checks. Currently, only patients receiving inpatient care are included in the database.

The House will review the bill next week.