Inter Mission: “Let’s Make The Most Out Of This Beautiful Day”

Inter Mission: “Let’s Make The Most Out Of This Beautiful Day”

As we stop to take a snack break, I want to take this moment to share a story.

As a mother of a spirited and inquisitive 5-year-old, most of my telling usually involves anecdotes related to my experiences with her. I just recently introduced my daughter to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. And she has questions, naturally. (I ask a lot of questions, too.) In the car, she wondered aloud about Mr. Rogers’ plans after he said good-bye and went out the door. Then she remarked, “You don’t get to see his upstairs.” Nothing gets past my daughter. Her attention to detail would be commended by most professional inspectors.

Watching Mr. Rogers, I am in awe of his nature. He had such a welcoming way about him. He really did make every person feel special, and validated the uniqueness in us all. He was the perfect neighbor.

Reading the comments this mission has received so far, I feel like we are building a neighborhood Mr. Rogers would be proud to visit. And, to borrow another classic song from his collection, I share with you “It’s You I Like.”Here’s a cover of his song, by The Heavy Boxes. In the spirit of celebrating what makes each of us special, take time to tell us anything about yourself. And send us your pictures by 5 p.m. this Thursday.

Meet you back here Friday for our MISSion Neighborhood Show & Tell.