Is there anything in the new Rahm taxi rules that ban riding the gas pedal like my grandma?

Is there anything in the new Rahm taxi rules that ban riding the gas pedal like my grandma?
Flickr/Robert Bernhard
Is there anything in the new Rahm taxi rules that ban riding the gas pedal like my grandma?
Flickr/Robert Bernhard

Is there anything in the new Rahm taxi rules that ban riding the gas pedal like my grandma?

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Under new Rahm rules, no more cab-stacking. (Flickr/Robert Bernhard)

So Rahm is done cracking skulls at City Hall and is moving his way up Elston to the TAXI COMPANY!!!! The mayor wants stricter guidelines and regulations on Chicago cabs, as well as a fare increase. The cab lobby can’t be happy, because they’ve had frozen fares for a few years now.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not sure a fare increase would be the right move, since cabs here are already as expensive - if not more so - than they are in New York and other big U.S. cities. I think what needs to be regulated, more than safety, is the add-on fees. Every time I get in a cab, I feel like the base $2.25 turns into $4 with add-ons before the tires even move.

Is there anything in the new regulations that will stop cabbies from riding the gas pedal like my grandma?

This is a perfect opportunity for WBEZ to open up the airwaves for my new show, Taxi Time, which is really just putting a live microphone outside that Wok Diner on Halsted, just before the river, where a lot of cab drivers hang out. That would be must-listen to radio. It would have wok sounds and cab drivers talking, a public radio dream!

B story: According to the FCC, News/Talk 101.1 (formerly Q101) is going to change their call letters, probably next week. Look for the new WIQI. That’s right, Wiki. Wiki as in fast. Wiki, as in, place to get all your information online. Well, all your factually correct information online. I wonder if that will be their tag line. You may ask, why couldn’t they be WIKI? It’s taken. A country station in Madison, Ind. has it. So they are getting cute with an homage to their predecessor, too. Interesting. I just broke you some radio news. I’m a mini-Robert Feder. You can call me Lil’ Feder.

C story: Boom! Breaking News! This just in! Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle is getting a flu shot today. I wonder if that means we can get a photo op without the blue suit? But my money is on the nurse administering the shot through the fabric. Cause Prez never takes off the blue jacket.

D story: There are a bunch of fishermen along Navy Pier today. They set up shop on the north side of the pier, in a weird kind of inlet that borders the pier and the water filtration plant. It has very little current and it kind of freaks me out that they are pulling fish out of there. But why today? Why early December? So my curiosity led to a conversation, so the reader of this blog could be informed:

Justin: Hey dude, why are you fishing here today?

Dude: Huh?

Justin: Why today, why are you fishing here today ?

Dude: Perch fishing.

Justin: So?

Dude: Perch come in around this time of year. They are late though, should have been here two weeks ago.

Justin: Cool. (beat…beat…beat) Thanks.

And scene. You are welcome, Chicago.

Weather: December to remember? So far, so good. I’ll buy it flowers and wrap it in a bow if it stays this nice.

Sports: Aramis Ramirez has signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. Meh. I don’t know if Aramis strikes fear into our hearts. I have been asking Cubs fans what they think of Ramirez leaving and signing and most don’t really care. Actually they all give the most tepid “I liked him” response, but aren’t heartbroken. To me, Ramirez was the Cubs. Hurt and sucky when it was on the line and awesome when nothing counted. So he can bring that to Milwaukee and shine when they are 15 back in August.

But Ramirez moving north actually points out that the Brewers are a bit in disarray, seeing they just lost their superstar, Ryan Braun, for 50 games. And on top of that, Prince Fielder is probably going to jet. Add the fact that Pujols and LaRussa are gone in St. Louis and what was supposed to be rebuilding year in Chicago just got interesting. If the Cubs go sign Fielder and perhaps make a play for a starting pitcher, could they contend in the Central? I think they could.

Kicker: It is with a heavy heart that I announce the intermission of Mission Amy K.R. Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s community mission blog was one of the first in our network and just wrapped up its 103rd mission. That’s a lot of missions. Amy is not leaving, she’s just taking a break and has a few ideas up her sleeve for an encore. It is fun working with Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She’s a real Chicago treasure and I saw first hand how she can inspire people to come together and block out all the negative in life to shine a light on the fact that we all are here…together. That’s noble and frankly, not something very prevalent in today’s media landscape. Below is probably my favorite mission, the video culmination of “Going Nowhere Fast Together.” Thanks for the ride, Amy.