I've decided to transition to a caucus lifestyle

I've decided to transition to a caucus lifestyle
I've decided to transition to a caucus lifestyle

I've decided to transition to a caucus lifestyle

Happy New Year! I'm settling in with my new job of running talk shows, but I came in early this morning to blog. I just can't stay away. I can't promise I'll be able to do it every day, but I will attempt it. Just a heads up. Don't leave - all the plants will die.

Last night, Rick Santorum almost won the Iowa Caucuses. Poor Romney, even with a win he can't get the headlines. I have been pretty deliberate in avoiding this presidential campaign up to this point. But now I am forced to pay attention. And the first time I do? It's a virtual tie between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum? Rick Santorum. Huh. So I guess people are pretty serious about this Santorum guy? And Ron Paul too. I don't really have any great observations about these candidates except that about 25 percent of Iowa Republicans want Rick Santorum to be our next president.

Anyway, the real takeaway is that I want to move to more of a caucus kind of lifestyle. I like how they do things in Iowa. WBEZ's Achy Obejas went to one in Cedar Rapids last night and documented the process. I would love to use this style of decision management for my personal life.

Me: "Breakfast?"

Me: "Yes, I would like to stand in favor of breakfast. It's nutritious and our body is hungry."

Me: "Great. Could you stand in that corner?"

Me: "Certainly. Who would like to join me? Breakfast! Breakfast! Breakfast!"

Me: "Order! Order! Let's vote."

Me: "I vote for breakfast!"

Me: "The final vote: Breakfast: 1. Non-Breakfast: 0. Breakfast wins."

Me: "Yeahhaaa!!!! On to New Hampshire!!!!"

And scene.

B story: Jerry Angelo is gone! Mike Martz is gone! Lovie Smith is forced to stay! I actually like this move. And I think most Bears fans agree. Listen, fans teetered on the edge of abandoning this squad, and might have fallen off if there weren't big changes. That's how we do it in Chicago. We have so much competing sport that we don't need to be die-hard in any direction. You can call it fair weather fandom, but I call it common sense. So the team fell apart. They had to do something to steal back the headlines, now that they aren't in the playoffs and the Bulls are stealing hearts. So down goes Jerry Angelo. Really, what are we missing? Anyone can sign Forte, and Angelo's draft and free agent track records are bad. So get someone new in. As for Martz? Sorry, but when you play to extremes and constantly do things that are the league's worst (balance of run/pass and sacks allowed), you shouldn't have a job.

The Bears tried the finesse route with Martz. It didn't work. So bring in someone new. My suggestion: Give Mike Tice the job. For the GM? Get Polian from Indy (just fired). Draft a cornerback. Beat the Packers. Okay, back to the Bulls.

C story: Parking meters are more expensive. Which means it might be time for another installment of "Parking Meter Graffiti Art!!!!!!" This one sent in from MB and it is less about graffiti, more about conceptual art:

D story: C'mon guys. Rahm made a simple mistake. He said he's sorry for saying that the new rules against protesting were temporary. Nope, they are permanent. Sorry.

Weather: Just like this. Stay just like this, Chicago.

Sports: I watched the Bulls make an amazing comeback on the back of Derrick Rose last night. The Bulls (5-1) are beating playoff teams in dramatic fashion and mopping the floor with non-playoff teams. This season has a real opportunity to be magical. Or it could end just like it did last year. But make no mistake, Derrick Rose is still the reigning MVP. Last night, he proved it once again. My favorite part of the telecast had to be when the camera showed actor Chad Michael Murray in the stands. Stacey King said, "Hey, Chad Michael Murray. One Tree Hill." That was it. Hilarious.

Kicker: The kiss heard round Chicago. My favorite show in the world did not disappoint on New Years Eve. ABC7's New Year's Eve Countdown featuring Janet Davies and Mark Giangreco was must-watch TV. Not just for the variety, but for the live TV aspect. There were a lot of eccentric moments, punctuated by technical snafus. It was everything TV should be. And Davies and Giangreco gave us what we wanted with a very long kiss at midnight. Chicagoist has the follow-up. If you missed it, find it.

Oh wait, I found it for you. And it features probably the funniest celebrity cameo in the history of celebrity cameos. George Hamilton has a very short, very concise message for Chicago. 2012. George Hamilton: