James Finn Garner on educating his children to become snobs

James Finn Garner on educating his children to become snobs

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The hallowed halls of Yale University, just another liberal institution (Flickr/Adam Jones)
Last week, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum caused some controversy with the following statement:

“President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum said. “What a snob. There are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to test that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor that (tries) to indoctrinate them.”

Santorum has since altered his position on getting a college education a bit, but Santorum’s original sentiments hit home with author James Finn Garner, who says there’s no way his kid is going to be a snob. Read an excerpt or listen below:

“I’m going to take a position that will not be popular. Rick Santorum is a socioeconomic genius. I’ll repeat that: He is a socioeconomic genius.

Wait for the rest of the argument.

He did us all a tremendous favor last week when ridiculed President Obama for pushing Americans to go to college. What a snob, the guy with the law degree from Penn State said about the guy with the law degree from Harvard. With that little phrase, Santorum made me question my own assumptions; he made me open my eyes. Because right now, you see, my son is 17 years old and we’ve been making those long weekend drives to visit colleges every chance we get. And I can tell you right now, that is going to stop.”

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