Joe Walsh: Tough on country’s debt, not so much on his own

Joe Walsh: Tough on country’s debt, not so much on his own
Flickr/Gage Skidmore
Joe Walsh: Tough on country’s debt, not so much on his own
Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Joe Walsh: Tough on country’s debt, not so much on his own

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I don’t really even know what to say about the Sun-Times front page story today. It seems that Illinois U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, the man leading the charge against Obama over the debt ceiling, owes over $100,000 in child support. Is this for real? Or is it some orchestrated media smear campaign? If it is real…COME ON.

Walsh deep in thought, about someone else's financial woes. (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Did Joe Walsh go to the Scott Lee Cohen school of politics? And hell, what about Melissa Bean who lost a nail-biter election in November. So I kind of blame this fiasco on Bean’s campaign. Sorry, but the media loves this stuff and they would have plastered headlines if they had that info back in November. But then you have to ask, did they have the info? The Sun-Times said they “examined” court documents this week because they are doing a profile on Walsh. Did we not examine his records six months ago?

Walsh put out a statement this morning. The headline was ”Congressman Walsh Statement on Chicago Sun-Times Hit Piece”

It is not lost on me that a court case filed almost 8 months ago regarding a marriage that ended more than 8 years ago would be brought up today. We are 72 hours away from one of the biggest decisions our country has to make about its financial future. I understand why this is a story and why the media has to ask me about it. I understood as a candidate, and I understand as a sitting member of Congress that the scrutiny of my personal life will be intense. This is a tough business. It’s also not lost on me that not everyone agrees with me politically, I am the tip of the spear in this current debate, and I will be attacked.

Let me say this. I love all the members of my family past and present. I’ve always given everything I have to meet my financial obligations to my children and I will fight until my last breath against anyone who says otherwise. My children are truly the treasure of my life, which is why I’ve been trying to resolve this issue since January in a court of law, rather than drag my children into it. That is the appropriate venue and I will not discuss this private family issue in public.

The people of Illinois’ eighth congressional district voted for me not because I’m wealthy but because they wanted a fighter in Washington. They did not vote for me because I was a career politician, but because they wanted one of them as their Representative in DC. They wanted someone to stand up to Washington and tell them the spending has to stop. This morning that is exactly what I am going to continue to do.

Best quote from his viral video on the debt ceiling debate: “I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money.”

This is the dude leading the charge for Republicans to default on our debt. He went on CBS’s The Early Show to talk about our finances, not his:

B story: Seriously? He owes $100k on child support? This is just unbelievable to me.

C story: It would be like as if I was a high profile, aggressive opponent of snarky blogs. “I don’t believe this country should have snarky blogs. They are undermining all we believe in and the integrity of non-snarky blogs. I won’t rest until snarky blogs are eradicated. They are the enemy.”

D story: This is the viral video:

Weather: I think the recent terrible weather is because God is mad at Joe Walsh. God wants Joe Walsh to get his house in order before he tells us what we should do as a country. Worst rainfall in 122 years.

Sports: If Walsh was on my fantasy team? Benched. Probably dropped. So last night, power agent Drew Rosenhaus sent an email to all GMs saying that tight end Greg Olsen was available for trades. Then about ten minutes later, he replied all with a “Please disregard my previous email about Greg Olsen.” That was it. Uh-oh.

Is it me or does it seem like the Chicago Bears are pretty disorganized? Add this weird late night email to the botched trade on draft day and it seems like we might have a problem?

Bears DE Israel Idonije was appointed by Rahm Emanuel to the Chicago Public Library Board of Directors. What is that all about? I’m sure Israel is a great guy and a avid reader, but really? I mean, at least be retired. He’s a current starter on defensive line. I personally don’t want him near books unless it’s a playbook. The minute this guy screws up on the field? I’m blaming Rahm.

Anyway, rumors about free agents? We are slow to the free agent game. C’mon, sign somebody for the fans! We want to get excited about the NFL season now that the lockout is over. It’s not exciting to watch every would-be Bear receiver get signed somewhere else.

And for the record: Please, for the love of God, do not sign Roy Williams. Williams was a head case that the Bears D used to rattle. He was the guy who you just knew would either drop or fumble the ball when pressured. He will be eaten alive in Chicago.

I guarantee the Lions will beat us twice this year if we pick up Roy Williams.

Kicker: He still owes $117,437.