Lao Sze Chuan set to re-open May 1

Lao Sze Chuan set to re-open May 1

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lao sze chuan menuPhoto by lirena

Over dinner last night with the Chinese Consul General, I couldn’t resist in asking where he goes when he longs for flavors from back home.

Lao Sze Chuan, of course,” Jianming Song replied. “The heat, the flavors…it’s very authentic.”

Problem is, a fire on March 29th caused major water damage and just about everything had to be rebuilt. But this morning, I spoke with owner Tony Hu, who says work is progressing better-than-expected. “I had a meeting with my construction people, and they say we should be ready to go on May 1,” a very exhausted-sounding Hu told me. “Only the kitchen got hurt, but all of the windows were knocked out, and the fire department had to go in through the roof so there was a lot of water damage. It looks like it’s totally rebuilt.”

Who’s going to be first in line for mapo tofu and hot pot?