List: My family’s public radio names

List: My family’s public radio names

Flickr/Matthew Oliphant

While I technically work for public radio, you can tell that I’m not a consisent on-air personality because I don’t have one of those interesting, mellifluous public radio names.

I ran my and my family’s names through the public radio name generator to see how we’d all end up once we had our own syndicated shows.

Me: Hazel Gjelten-Russo

Husband Steve Delahoyde: Prince Obasanjo-Schmidt

Baby Paul Delahoyde: Cam’ron Ryssdal-RaoMom Janice: Juana Seabrook-Blechman

Dad Edward: Banquo Bledsoe-Adbelkader

Brother Jack: Caleb Cheng-Wozniac

Dog Briscoe: Kweli Cooper-Morales

Cat Fatty: Concepcion Pierce-Blumberg

Cat Blackie: Nuru Borg-Russell

What would your public radio name be?

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