List: The very essential guide to cereals I have tried lately

List: The very essential guide to cereals I have tried lately

Multi Grain Peanut Butter and Dulce de Leche Cheerios

I was super excited to try these, since the Apple Cinnamon variety of Cheerios pretty much changed my life for the better. Plus, I love caramel and I especially love peanut butter. if Cheerios could come up with a cheaper, lower-calorie version of Mother’s Peanut Butter Bumpers, I’d be psyched. While I wasn’t entirely disappointed, the new Cheerios didn’t quite meet my expectations. These two particular varieties end up feeling much lighter and airier than your standard Cheerio, so I don’t feel very full after a bowl of them. The peanut butter could stand to be peanut butterier. So the Apple Cinnamon continues to dominate when it comes to Cheerios and Mother’s is still in charge in terms of peanut butter cereal.

Kellogg’s Krave (Chocolate)

This looked like the cereal version of the dearly departed Magic Middles cookies and appears to be not-that-terrible for you, so I was excited to try this out. I think that these end up making a better snacking cereal than a breakfast cereal. They taste okay (definitely better than the fake chocolate offered in Special K Chocolately Delight) but, well, it’s not like eating a bowl of cookies for breakfast, which was what I secretly wanted. I think my hopes might have been too high for this one.

Kashi Whole Wheat Biscuits Cinnamon Harvest and Autumn Wheat

I’ve been burned by Kashi before. It looks so wholesome, filling, and the type of cereal that makes you a better person, but sometimes, it tastes and feels like a bowl of twigs. I was happy with these flavors though (although honestly, I’m not sure that there’s a gigantic difference between Cinnamon Harvest and Autumn Wheat.) They’re sweet enough so that you don’t feel like you’re just chewing on cardboard, but not SO sweet that you end up eating the whole box by the fistful like I do when I’m eating Frosted Mini-Wheats. And they’re filling.

Kashi Heart To Heart Cereal Oat Flakes & Blueberry Clusters

This is my favorite of the new-to-me cereals. Sweet without tasting like candy and a nice filling mix of flakes and clusters. And the blueberries add a nice flavor but aren’t a weird texture like the freeze-dried stawberries in Special K Red Berries. Good job, Kashi.

So there you have it. I know you’ve been waiting a long time for me to reveal what cereals I’ve been exploring lately. Please feel free to leave your breakfast cereal (or any breakfast product—let’s get crazy) rants and raves in the comments. I want someone to tell me if UnCrustables is a suitable breakfast food, if Toaster Strudels are as good as I remember and if anyone else feels like Jimmy Dean D-Lites are a pretty good substitute for McDonald’s.