Love is in the air…Or is it? Poll numbers show fewer people are getting married

Love is in the air…Or is it? Poll numbers show fewer people are getting married

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It’s the age old question…do you or don’t you go thematic for the holiday? Well, of course you do when it’s Valentine’s Day!

Today on the Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards we’re talking the sexy, the stable and the still budding sides of love. The sexy? Former TimeOut Chicago sex columnist Debby Herbenick tells Steve why she went into the business of dishing out relationship and bedroom advice.

We head to the playground to learn more about what dating is like for tweens and teens during the early days of love. Of course dating looks a bit different for Millennials—it’s all about texting, chatting and social media these days. Good for shyer, pimpled pre-teens…bad for mom and dad. So on Tuesday’s Afternoon Shift, Steve Edwards took a look at young love in this digital world with a few experts: Scott Hess is the Vice President of Insights at TRU, a global leader in youth research and insights; Mary Kay Hoal founded Yoursphere, a kids-only social network. We were also joined by a member of Yoursphere’s editorial team—Ella Di Tomi, 12, an aspiring writer from South Carolina.

Listen to the discussion on marriage

Listen to the discussion on teenage romance

And on a more serious note, we talk about why fewer people are heading to the alter (or the courthouse or the chuppah or wherever). Stats released last year by the Pew Research Center show that a record low number of adults in the U.S. are getting married. There are many factors for that trend, says The National Marriage Project Director Bradford Wilcox. Like, we don’t feel stable enough in our careers to take the plunge, or we just haven’t met that one person to whisk us off our feet. Wilcox tells Steve how Americans are viewing the institution of marriage and who’s making the commitment.

And, Kate Bolick, author of “All the Single Ladies” in The Atlantic, discusses her reasons why marriage isn’t the end-all, be all. Maybe Steve will ask her about the possibility of her article becoming a TV show.

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