Meet The Winners Of Our Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween costume contest winners
Katherine Nagasawa / WBEZ
Halloween costume contest winners
Katherine Nagasawa / WBEZ

Meet The Winners Of Our Halloween Costume Contest!

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‘Twas the night before Halloween, and somewhere in Chi-town, a hairless cat shouted, ‘I dissent!’ while wearing RBG’s crown.

Happy Halloween, quarantiners! Our staff combed through dozens of your submissions to our virtual costume contest, and picked our favorites in four main categories, plus several “Honorable Mentions.” Then we put out an Instagram poll to you to decide our overall winner. Without further ado…

Best overall: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Submitted by: Nicole Hall on behalf of her cat Ichabod

RBG cat

Best individual costume: Hibachi chef

Submitted by: Megan Saunsen

Hibachi chef costume

Best group costume: Scooby Doo family

Submitted by: Lola Marley

Scooby Doo costume

Best kid costume: Mario and Luigi

Submitted by: Kamaria Morris on behalf of her nephews Bronx and Beckham

Mario and Luigi costume

Honorable mention: Most Chicago costumes

Submitted by: Debbie Liu (“Canine Transit Authority”) and Amy and Edward Kang (Red Line)

Dog CTA costume
Kid CTA Red Line costume

Honorable mention: Best couples costume

Submitted by: Dana Christy and Monternez Rezell

Star Wars costume

Honorable mention: Most 2020 costume

Submitted by: Matt Lingenfelter

COVID costume

Honorable mention: Best story behind the costume

Submitted by: Monica Sykora

Geeling on ceiling costume

“My son Bohdan, 3 years old, has been asking for months to be a GEELING on the CEILING. It’s a character from ‘There’s a Wocket in my Pocket!’ by Dr. Seuss. My mother created this costume for him and all the fittings were done over FaceTime so we could all keep a safe distance.”

Honorable mention: Best “special effects” costume

Submitted by: Judy Callans and Candice Webster

Rollercoaster costume

Honorable mention: Punniest costume (radio-carbon dating)

Submitted by: Lauren Ledin

Radio carbon dating costume