Men’s hairstyles throughout history, as seen on the heads of Olympic male gymnasts

Men’s hairstyles throughout history, as seen on the heads of Olympic male gymnasts

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CHINA! (Spoiler: They won.) Japan came in second in the men’s gymnastics team finals, but only after a little intrigue; judges took a re-look at Kohei Uchimura of Japan’s pommel horse performance, which bumped Japan up from fourth place to grab silver. This meant that the U.K., who originally thought they pulled off a revelatory second place win, was moved to bronze and poor, poor Ukraine didn’t medal at all.

But was the upset of the U.S. team the most important thing? No. It’s all about the hair.

USA team member John Orozco. Nice towel.

The Caesar, with a touch of front hair flip. Popularized by George Clooney.

He just needs a moment to get over how good his hair looks.
USA team member Jonathan Horton.
Classic gelled front hair flip.
Don't German team member Marcel Nguyen and Philipp David Boy look alike?
A modern adaptation of a look popularized by German soldiers during World War II.
See? I'm actually having difficulty.
But with a touch more bumpit to it.
USA team member Samuel Mikulak.
A fuller, less gel-oriented 90s ‘do.
Russian team member David Belyavskiy.
Spike tip and a faux-hawk. Who knew it was possible?
French team member Hamilton Sabot.

You can’t really see how good this faux-hawk is from the front, but it’s a thing of beauty.

Great Britain's Daniel Purvis.
A more subtle faux-hawk.
China's team member Zhang Chenglong.
“YEAAAA!” is what we call this look.
Japanese coaches argue with the judges about the score for Kohei Uchimura.