Mission #36 A Summery Summary

Mission #36 A Summery Summary

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Summer is coming to a close. (Insert sad sigh here…) You can feel it in the air, can’t you? The shift of consciousness, the school calendar poking its schedule-ly little head out, and the realization that this seemingly looooooong, endlessssssss expanse of a season is never long and endless enough.

So I thought it might be interesting this week to do what I’m calling a “Summery Summary.”

a) What was the highlight of your summer? The one big or small thing that comes to mind when you think “Summer 2010.”

b) What is the one remaining something that you still want to squeeze in? Organize all the digital photos? Take guitar lessons? Take a stroll with that friend you’ve been meaning to see? Start a revolution?

Mine are:

a) Highlight: all music-related. Driving to a Wilco concert in South Bend, IN. Discovering the group Unthanks at the club “Space” in Evanston.‚ Lollapalooza with my hubby. Countless free concerts at Millennium Park. Listening to music and playing Scrabble at pal Merrill’s summer home.

b) One Remaining Something: I want to have a Mission Amy K.R. Picnic(k)… That is, we pick a day/night and all meet up at Millennium Park, picnic on the lawn, and sing songs together with guitar-strumming chum Nick Gage. Hence the “k” in Picnic(k). :)

Won’t you share your a’s and b’s in the comment section now?

yours in barefeet,