Mission #46 “Um, Erica’s Got Talent!” (and so does…)

Mission #46 “Um, Erica’s Got Talent!” (and so does…)
Talent show (Flickr/riNux)
Mission #46 “Um, Erica’s Got Talent!” (and so does…)
Talent show (Flickr/riNux)

Mission #46 “Um, Erica’s Got Talent!” (and so does…)

Talent Show (photo by riNux)

Um, Erica’s Got Talent! And so does Billy, Rebecca, Andy, Josh, Wyatt, Isabel…and zillions of others.

So this week, we’re having ourselves the first ever Mission Amy K.R. Talent Show!More...

* Do you sing, play an instrument or have a band? Send in a video or audio clip!

* Do you dance? Do magic tricks? Do stand-up? Send in a video clip!

* Take fabulous photos? Send us a few!

* You draw, paint, write? Send in your artwork or story or poem!

* You can touch your tongue to your elbow? Prove it!

* Have a stellar sport moment on video? Let’s see it!

* You create beautiful flower arrangements? Knit? Invent things? We want to see whatever it is you’re busy concocting!

So whether you’re young or old, a pro or a novice, an innie or an outie, send your talents our way. It’s simple. Send everything to us via email: missionamykr@vocalo.org. You can attach your document, photo, jpeg, pdf, mp3, etc. If it’s a video, then just upload it to YouTube or vimeo and send that link to same email address. Easy cheesy.

We will then put it all together in one jam-packed video and share it with the world either later this week or next week (depending on how much stuff we receive).

A couple quick asides:
a) I’m speaking at this event here in Chicago Thursday night for those of you in the area who like to sit in chairs, nibble on cookies and listen to people talking on a stage. I’m honored to be a part of this and if you do come, please come say hi to me before or after the show.

b) Sorry it’s taken me a while to edit the GraFEETi film. I’m almost done!