Mission #53 The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10 video debut

Mission #53 The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10 video debut
Mission #53 The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10 video debut

Mission #53 The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10 video debut

After nearly two months in the works, I now present to you the video of The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10.  

Because it's a wee bit longer than most of my other videos/films, I'm going to call the actual viewing of this your mission.  :)

Below are the behind the scenes notes (and key links) as they appear directly on YouTube as I gather most of you will watch the video embedded here on blog.

Thank you again to all of you who came out that night, and/or supported this project in your own individual, glorious and appreciated way.

ever yours,


Behind the scenes and key links...

STEVE DELAHOYDE http://www.youtube.com/user/sdelahoyde

SCATTERED TREES http://scatteredtreesmusic.com/

CLASSICAL REVOLUTION CHICAGO http://www.classicalrevolution.org/

JOHN GREEN http://johngreenbooks.com/
and the NERDFIGHTERS http://nerdfighters.ning.com/


REDMOON THEATER http://redmoon.org/

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

NICK GAGE MUSIC http://www.myspace.com/nickgage

BRIAN STOJAK http://theatreseven.org/index.php

1. I'd like to apologize about the insufficient sound system that evening. We tried our best to amplify effectively while still respecting Millennium Park's regulations, but did not succeed. I'm bummed because I would have loved for all those in attendance to perfectly hear Scattered Trees' live performance. You'll note in this video that we morphed from their live performance into a professional recording to better showcase their beautiful song. 

2. We didn't have time to explain this in the video but during the "Our Town" moment we brought up all the Emily's in the crowd. (Emily is one of the main characters in the play.) So those are all girls/women named Emily (and one Eric who begged to be included :) up there leading the call and response.

3. Some of you have inquired about including the image of all the cell phones reflecting in The Bean sculpture. While it was a sight to behold that evening, it did not come across well on film. (distortions from lights and reflections. sigh.) I too would have loved to have captured this for the video.