Mission #57: Introducing...CHIP THE MONK!

Mission #57: Introducing...CHIP THE MONK!

It is my great honor to introduce you all to a new and special friend of Mission Amy KR.


I present him to you now, via the short video above.


And Chip offers this personal note regarding our mission and next steps.

Hello Kindest Readers

I am pleased to make my debut here on The Internet.

I will do my best to meditate on your questions-- simply leave them for me in the comment section. It is my intention to create more of these videos for the peaceful world.

I would like to acknowledge musician Krishna Das for his masterful song "Kashi Vishwanath Gange" which you have heard here.

Yours with sincerity, 

Chip the Monk

* * *

Amy here again. One more thing.  I chose this very day (I have a dream!) to launch this new chapter of The Beckoning of Lovely project.  If you have any thoughts on how to help spread the word regarding this Kickstarter effort, do let me know.  I have 50 days to make this happen.   

Again, here is the Kickstarter link.

gratefully yours,