Mission #62 What are your “DO’s, DON’Ts, and DUHs” ?

Mission #62 What are your “DO’s, DON’Ts, and DUHs” ?

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DO…hold the elevator door.

DON’T…over-promise and then under-deliver.

DUH…if they’re always dissing people, you can be sure they’re dissing behind your back too.

DO…learn the name of your mail carrier.

DON’T…let a little fear, uncertainty, or nausea stop you.

DUH…be decent.

We could go on and on with this, right?

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Share your DO, DON’T, DUHs in the comment section now!

Depending on how many responses come in (and what kind of things you all share), I will compile these into either a rockin’ DO, DON’T, DUH booklet or a video.

DO…share your DO’s, DON’Ts and DUHs in the comment section below.

DON’T…forget you can subscribe to this blog and get it delivered right to your inbox on Mondays.

DUH…I love doing all these missions with you guys. Thanks for being here.

DO…join me in wishing my son Justin a happy 18th birthday

DON’T…know how it is possible; wasn’t he just 3 a moment ago?

DUH…love you, my son.


p.s. The TEDActive conference begins Tuesday so if you want to be part of the PUBLIC heART Lost and Found project, send me your note TODAY!