Mission #64 Let’s break the record and do the world’s biggest “pinky swear”

Mission #64 Let’s break the record and do the world’s biggest “pinky swear”
Mission #64 Let’s break the record and do the world’s biggest “pinky swear”

Mission #64 Let’s break the record and do the world’s biggest “pinky swear”

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(Photo Credit: AndreeBelle.wordpress.com)

First, this message from my daughter Paris in response to what shook down here last week.

To everyone I know and do not know at all…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Grip It. It means the world to me. Your comments made me in awe and almost speechless for a while; you really touched my heart. I also want to thank you for the birthday wishes as well as for the responses to my piece; I truly appreciate it. Everyone should stop for a moment, and smile at the beauty of life :)

Thank you again everybody! Love, Paris

* * *

And I can’t move on to this week’s mission without one last big heartfelt thank you from me, the mama. (I hope most of you saw my thank you on last Thursday’s post.) To summarize in two words or less: BLOWN AWAY.

Now, Mission #64.

Let’s start with this definition of a pinky swear from Wikipedia:

To pinky swear is when two people entwine their pinky fingers to signify that a promise has been made. It is often seen in Japanese anime, where it is called a yubikiri (指切り It is also possible for a pinky swear to exist between 3 parties, known as a 3-way pinky promise. A pinky swear between 4 or more people is relatively unknown.

I knew I wanted to do a pinky swear mission for a while. But when I read the above and learned of its Japanese connection, I realized this is the absolute right week. I know all of us have Japan and its people heavy on our minds.

So here is my idea:

Let’s all make one massive pinky swear together!

Wikipedia says that a pinky swear between 4 or more is unknown— what about a pinky swear between 100 or 500 of us?! All I can say is, Wikipedia is about to hear from Mission Amy KR!

The question is: What should our swear be?

I was recently inspired by the words of pioneer/social activist/TED speaker Jacqueline Novogratz who said:

“Your job is not to be perfect. Your job is only to be human.

I love that. So, here’s my idea, but I am so totally open to yours.

Let’s make a pinky swear to live by - and teach our children - that statement. And maybe we can also tuck in there to Always Trust Magic. :)

If you’re in, just put your name and pinky in the comment section! (and/or suggest another line we can all swear on)

(and btw, as a gesture of my commitment, I’m gonna paint just my pinky nail with polish; you’re welcome to do the same.)