Mission #65: From all of us to the people of Japan

Mission #65: From all of us to the people of Japan

This week’s mission begins with this 1-minute video:

Thanks to our handy smartphone cameras, this mission is pretty “1,2,3 simple” I think. (Of course you’re welcome to use a “real” camera if you’d like :)

Please send your photo by Friday.

And before you go, I’ve got a sort of “side mission” this week as well.

I receive many inquiries about how to break into the publishing business, or how to make videos, or would I mind looking at a manuscript, etc. I try my best to answer and help as often as I can. This led me to the following “side mission” idea:

This Friday, March 25th, I am going to set aside 2 hours to answer your questions either via phone or skype. Each session will be 10 minutes and cost $50 dollars with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross Japan Relief effort.

If you (or anyone you know) was planning on making a donation anyway AND would like my two cents on the topic of your choice, let me know.

(That’s actually pretty funny: For $50 bucks, you can get my two cents :)

I will be conducting these calls/video chats Friday between 10-12 CST.

Email missamykr at yahoo.com

ever yours,