Mission #70 Let’s plant a POETree !

Mission #70 Let’s plant a POETree !

April = Poetry Month

Friday April 29 = Arbor Day

So what happens when you put these two celebrations together?

We are going to plant a big, beautiful POETree!

HERE’S WHAT YOU DO NOW: Share a favorite poem in the comment section. The only criteria is that a) you have to really, really love it; and b) it’s probably best if the poem is not super long.

HERE’S WHAT WE’LL DO LATER: We will gather up the poems, transfer them to paper “leaves” which we will then hang from the best public tree we can find. We will document and preserve this magnifcent tree in photos and video, which we’ll of course post here later.

AND FOR ALL YOU ROMANTICS OUT THERE: If you want to dedicate a love poem (or heck, even write your own original love poem), just include your name and the recipient’s name with the poem in the comment section. This way we can include that dedication info in the final video. (and what a surprise for that special someone, right?)

ONE MORE VERY IMPORTANT THING: This week’s POETree mission is “rooted” in an exchange we had here a few weeks ago, when I asked if anyone had a mission idea they’d really like to see happen. And so POETree kudos and full credit go to Lisa Coughlin and Anna Mangahas, cherished regulars of this blog. Thank you so much, Lisa and Anna.

ANNA MANGAHAS is a newbie AYSO soccer coach, lifetime learner, volunteer coordinator for the best non-profit ever (Inspiration Corporation) and soon-to-be teacher who likes to cook up trouble in and out of the kitchen. Her favorite bands are Sly and the Family Stone, Michael Franti and Spearhead. LISA COUGHLIN makes doughnuts (not the kind you eat) and dreams up ways she can make the world a happier, more wonder-filled place to be.


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