Mission #74: The Princess and the (Little) Pea

Mission #74: The Princess and the (Little) Pea
Mission #74: The Princess and the (Little) Pea

Mission #74: The Princess and the (Little) Pea

You all know the story of The Princess and the Pea, of course: A prince in search of a princess…a tiny green pea is secretly placed under the mattress…happily ever after…

Well, springboarding from this tale (and mattress), we’re going to reenact this tale Mission Amy KR-style!

Some of you know I wrote a children’s book called Little Pea. (Can you already see where I’m going with this???)

This week, we’re going to hide copies of Little Pea in mattress stores around the country!

The publisher of Little Pea (Chronicle Books) has generously agreed to donate books for this mission. I’m looking for 15 folks who are up for the adventure.

Here’s how Misson Little Pea rolls:

1. Sign up in the comment section below.

2. Then, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book. You seek out a local mattress store, go there, slip the book under a mattress, take a photo or video clip of the chosen mattress (you can totally use the camera on your phone), and send it to me. Mission Accomplished.

3. I assemble all the photos/video clips (along with clues about store locations) into one tidy video.

4. And then we unleash this fairy tale-ish scavenger hunt on the world, see who finds the Little Pea books, what other interesting things unfold, and we all live hap-pea-ly ever after.

5. Also, did I say I would send you ONE signed book? I meant to say TWO. The second one comes with my gratitude and is for you to keep.

Sign up in the comment section now. I’ll reach out to you personally to get your mailing address, etc. via email later.



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