Mission #76: The world’s very first “Co-mmencement Address”

Mission #76: The world’s very first “Co-mmencement Address”

Graduation season is in full bloom and you know what that means:

Lots of veggie trays with dip! I mean, lots of thought-provoking commencement addressses.

And here is what absolutely needs to happen this week at Mission Amy KR: we are going to create the world’s first comment-section-sourced, co-conceived, co-written, co-mmencement address.

Here’s all you have to do: Offer up ONE sentence in the comment section. One bit of advice. One essential glop of knowledge you’d most like to share.

Then I will gather up all this wisdom, weave it together in a hopefully pleasing way, and voila: The Mission Amy KR Co-mmencement Address.

And you know what else I like about this? It will be something we can ALL deliver…not in speech form, but through email and mail delivery, right?

So while those graduates are putting on their caps and gowns, please put on your thinking cap and share your sentence in the comment section now.

And btw, there’s a short passage titled “Commencement Address” in my book “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.” You can view the excerpt here, just scroll down to page 78.



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