Mission #96: Come together at the Bean on 11/11/11

Mission #96: Come together at the Bean on 11/11/11

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Our mission begins with this new 1-minute video…

Whether you are able to attend, want to attend, or live close enough to even consider attending our celebration, there are two ways to chime in this week:

1. Is there’s something you hope will happen at the Bean that day? Some idea/dream/suggestion that you want to share? If so, I truly want to hear it, now more than ever since this is the grand finale gathering. Share your thoughts in the comment section now.

2. Separately (but absolutely connected to all this), if you have been wondering how you can be a part of (or just help) The Beckoning of Lovely, I have just the thing. I don’t want to explain the details because I want it to be more of a surprise reveal for you when the feature film comes out, but here’s the simple gist:

Take a photo of yourself closing your eyes and making a wish. That’s it. Email it - along with your name and city - to: beckoningoflovelymovie@gmail.com. I don’t want to know what your wish is (because I want it to come true for you!), but I do want the photo…ASAP. You can use your smart phone, instagram, iPad, whatever… So yeah, just close your eyes, make a wish, and send the photo to beckoningoflovelymovie@gmail.com

‘Tis all for now.

Oh, right — one last thing: In the comment section, do let us know if you think you will be at the 11/11/11 gathering at the Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park. This will help us gauge the crowd size and plan accordingly. Of course, you are still totally welcome to just decide last minute and join us at the… 11th hour. :)