Mission Accomplished: Favorite “Looses Change the World” ideas published!

Mission Accomplished: Favorite “Looses Change the World” ideas published!

Did we LOOSE CHANGE THE WORLD this week?

You bet your bottom dollar!

Let’s see…

From Toni: I paid for an extra coffee at Starbucks yesterday. The barista was confused even after I answered her question, “Why would you do that?” I also left a small envelope with some change and a note in the baby section of Target, “From a mom to a mom. Buy yourself a little sanity — coffee, cookie, chocolate or whatever works for you!”

From Rebecca: At our elementary school’s hands-on science event tonight, I slipped into the teacher’s lounge and taped an envelope with four quarters to the pop machine. The outside said: Please open if: 1. You are a teacher, and 2. You are thirsty. The card inside said, “A little change can make a big difference. Enjoy your day.”

From Sarah: I had an unintentional Loose Change the World moment that made my day. I was at Starbucks paying for my latte, and didn’t realize that the barista charged me for the guy behind me in line. I paid, and then he piped up to tell her what he had ordered. She looked surprised and said she thought we were together. It was only $2, so I told her not to worry and told the guy to have a good day. He smiled, thanked me, and then turned around and paid for the woman behind him. It was so spontaneous but made everyone so happy.

And how psyched am I about this: Jet (coolest name ever) and Toni (oh, sorry, you have a good name too) seized the idea of starting a spin-off LOOSE CHANGE THE WORLD blog. Thank you, Jet and Toni! Can’t wait to see where the new blog takes us all.

Week #3… Mission Accomplished.


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