Mission Accomplished: You did it, you did that thing you needed to do

Mission Accomplished: You did it, you did that thing you needed to do

 Went back to that novel. Went for a run. Finally followed-through on that favor. Called a pregnant sister. Volunteered. Donated to Haiti. Re-read Our Town.

You knew what you wanted to do, and you did it. (See the list in its full glory just below.)

And what’s the one thing I want to do this week?

I want to let you all know how much I’m enjoying these missions together, and the dialogue we are developing. I hope you’ll keep returning;  I’m really excited about some of the ideas I plan to implement in the upcoming weeks. And remember next week we have our first official Guest Blogger!

Oh, and here’s the new book I’m touring for, in case you were “wondering”…


Well, then– Mission #4 Accomplished!

miss amy k.r.

The great entries, after the jump.


Laura: Not only did i get to finally do that thing i needed to do – which was to pack my running stuff to take to work – just start already, laura -geez…. BUT THEN my great friend that sits one cube(icle) over did the EXACT SAME THING unbeknownst to each other! We had an amazing run at lunch together and an even greater time hanging out and laughing the whole time. AND.. it get’s even better – I get home that night and there’s an envelope from Peet’s coffee with a gift card and a note – it read: “one thing i want to do this week…remind you that i appreciate your friendship. take care of yourself laura, with love, R.”
it came all the way around. thanks everyone.

Andrea: I am going to donate to “Partners in Health” for relief for the people of Haiti and say another prayer…and another….and then one more just to be sure.

Linda: OK, ENOUGH ALREADY! No, not you, Amy. I mean, that niggling phonological loop (eating up my few existing brain cells) about sending my sister some accounting information that she requested. Thanks, Amy, for the push. I just hunted around the house, gathered my worksheets, and finally sat down and wrote my sister that email that has been nagging me for a couple of months now. Didn’t take long at all, once I found everything I needed. Jeesh — and to think I could’ve done this months ago and stopped scratching that cognitive itch before now. I owe you a lot, Amy.

Rebecca: I want to…I can’t. I have to…oh, look at those dishes that need washing. I need to…I’m scared. This was my internal push-and-pull when it came to sitting down and reading through the 50,000-word manuscript I wrote during November’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Your dare inspired me to read it, already. Now, I’m working on character charts, and t hen a timeline, and gosh darn it all, I just may edit and polish this novel after all. Thanks, Amy, for the nudge!

Kimber: I wrote the email I was scared to write. I was offered to work for a charity and I was so scared to tell them yes because I don’t know what I am doing with my life, let alone where I will be physically. I believed the world wasn’t ready for me and who I am and all the things I have done but I sat down and accepted to work on some local outreach programs so that others know that our flaws make us beautiful and never be ashamed of who you are.

Sarah: I did it. My little thing. When I first started thinking, my mind was flooded with little things. I had to keep it to one to start, but who knows – I might just make this a weekly thing.
I called my sister. We’re close and she’s pregnant but I hadn’t talked to her in a while because work is busy, etc., etc. So I called and left a message. And she called my back yesterday morning and we talked and caught up and it made my entire day. Already thinking about my next little thing!

Katchulathegreat: I happen to be in a production of Our Town right now and our director wants us to be really familiar with the script and have read it a few times, but could definitely look a bit deeper. Now this video is my incentive. Thanks missamykr.