Mission Accomplished: You showed us!

Mission Accomplished: You showed us!

Lisa Coughlin is guest-blogging this week for Amy KR. Like Amy, Lisa likes to make things. She is currently making doughnuts (not the kind you eat) and writing. Lisa is a vocal supporter of Amy’s work and is happy to be a part of any mission that makes the world a happier, more wonder-filled place to be.

You told us. You showed us! Show & Tell is such a splendid way for each of us to take our rightful place on the stage of life. I really enjoyed moderating this mission while Miss Amy KR was away. Thank you for telling your stories and sharing your pictures.

For Frisbee Friday, I would like to share this wonderful list:

15 Reasons Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor ever.

May we all practice being model neighbors, like Fred Rogers, building a community filled with everyday magic. (ATM= Always Trust Magic)

Lisa C’s Tell: I love a good quote. It can be said by someone well-known, unknown, a friend, or a family member. This Anais Nin quote is one of my all-time favorite quotations. Also, I love rainbows:

Show: Barbara Flynn’s Treasures

Barbara Flynn’s Tell: This is THE clock from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, safely preserved at a Mr Rogers Museum in Latrobe, PA. Mr. Rogers was from Latrobe PA, just about 20 minutes from me. Don’t we all need a trip to the Neighborhood of Make Believe now and then? And especially to a clock with a shy tiger?

Nancy’s Tell: My name is Nancy and I like to take photo walks on my lunch break. I

walk along the bluffs overlooking the Pacific ocean and through the beautiful gardens of those that live nearby. The flowers are blooming and it is my birth season! It is wonderful and happiness inspiring and I like to share it all with everyone I know! That brings me as much pleasure as my initial experience!

Elise’s Tell: Let’s see… Like Amy and Lisa, I love making things, so I feel great connection to their work. Sometimes I am busy home-making, blog-making, fun-with-kids making, but what I keep returning to is the desire to draw and paint. Sometimes I get very shy about sharing my drawing and painting, which reminds me of the shyness I felt during show and tell as a child. I’ve been imagining a completely supportive show and tell circle, with all of the people I love the most in the world, cheering me on and saying ‘go for it!’. So, I’m sending you my little painting photo from a few months back – putting something of me out there, and reminding myself to keep taking out my pens and brushes – and to keep enjoying the process.

Ginger’s Tell: This picture is entitled “I Heart Leafy Greens.” It is showing my love for vegetables and how I’m trying to incorporate more leafy greens into our family’s diet. The night of this photo I made steamed Swiss Chard to go along with our dinner of roasted vegetables and quinoa.

What I want people to know about me is that I heart vegetables. From the bottom of my heart, I love them. I love how they are so full of all the good things our cells need to repair themselves, grow, and be built into a strong, disease-free body. I love that God was creative enough to make veggies in all different colors and flavors and that we can eat to our heart’s content. And that we are lucky enough to live in this day and age where we have so many veggies available to us all the time. I also love that if you want to, you can just go outside, plant a seed in the ground, and grow your own organic vegetables with very little effort. I am currently looking for ways to incorporate more leafy greens into my family’s diet, so my picture that I send will reflect that. I also am planning, on April 14, to get a big colorful 1/4 sleeve veggie tattoo with the words “Eat your vegetables and stay close to things that grow.” I will have to share that picture in the next Show and Tell after I get the tattoo.

Meghan B’s Tell: Hi may name is Meghan but most everyone calls me Meg except for my kids who call me Mom or Momma. I am the mom to an 8 year old boy with Spina Bifida and 9 month old twins. I want to tell you about my son. When he was born I felt bad for my husband most of all because I believed he would never be able to play baseball or do any of the other normal Father/Son things with him and my heart ached for him. Well, 8 years later he is the coach for our sons challenge baseball team, this is his second year coaching and or sons third playing, and every year when I see them on the field together my heart soars with happiness.

I have attached a photo of them at practice last weekend: pitching is my husband and batting is our son. BTW he hit that ball right over my husband’s head!!

Show: Jessie’s Photograph

Jessie’s Tell: I’m a stay at home momma, crafty lady, and lover of all things vintage. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, and this one’s for you. xo

Show: Rebecca’s Kaleidoscope

Rebecca’s Tell: My life has been shifting lately. After a decade of being a work-from-home mom, I’ve taken a full-time job away from the house. After years of one day blending happily into the next, suddenly everything is jumbled up. I’m seeing the world through different eyes. To celebrate my new job — and make it easier to be away from my family for nine hours a day — my husband surprised me with an iPhone, something I didn’t think I ever wanted but now has become a most treasured tool. For fun this week, I spent 99 cents on an app called KaleidoVid, which transforms everyday objects into amazing kaleidoscope images. The “show” portion of my show-and-tell includes a kaleidoscoped photo that illustrates my new life: my computer keyboard. These remind me that, hard as it may be to try something new, change can be beautiful.

Show: Vicki Skating with friends and family

Vicki’s Tell : Here is a skating picture of me! It’s actually ice skating with my daughter, a friend and my friend’s daughter. It’s my daughter who looks like her head is wedged up my friend’s rear! This picture was in the local paper. My daughter didn’t find it nearly as amusing as the rest of us did!

Show: Stephanie’s Perfect Pound Cake

Stephanie’s Tell: Hello, everyone! I’m Stephanie. Today I baked a pound cake. In high school, I was a cheerleader and my husband, a football player. On the day of a home game, we were “secret cheerleaders” by decorating the player’s locker and baking something yummy. I made a pound cake for my then boyfriend. Apparently, it was THE best pound cake that ever graced a plate! Unfortunately, and not for a lack of trying, I have never been able to duplicate that splendid slice of heaven he remembers from 24 years ago. I must have tried 50 different recipes over the years, never getting it exactly right. Two weeks ago, he came home from work with a recipe in his hand. Apparently a lady at work brought a pound cake to work that is very close to being “the one”. Figures. ;-) I’ve also sent along a photo of the holy grail of pound cakes. :-) My quest for the perfect pound cake has finally come to an end. I’m actually not so sure how I feel about that. :-/ hee hee.

Show: Melissa’s Tree

Melissa’s Tell: I’m Melissa, AKA “Green Girl in Wisconsin .” SAHM, environmental activist, writer, teacher, rotten crafter, mediocre cook and avid gardener. Once upon a time I had a goal to plant 1,000 trees on our property (we live on 60 acres—fields, wetlands and woods). I’ve exceeded that goal by 1,500 to date and am still planting. Here I am next to one Blue Spruce I planted 7 years ago.

Show: Rachel Awes’ Spring Art

Rachel Awes’ Tell: I thought I’d share this piece about spring, as i am spring happy about this season! my 13 yr. old son said this a couple weeks ago as he was walking in the door from school.the gifts of birds singing & beautiful words spoken are so near us when we press our earsin to listen. love songs to you all. xox, Rachel

Show: Emily’s Horse

Emily’s Tell: This was me on my favorite horse Chub, aka Chubby Checker. He was a very old, mellow, retired racehorse. To ride him I would grab a piece of twine and put it around his neck, lead him to the loading chute so I could get on. And I did this often on my own without supervision. Now as a parent, the idea of my kids going out and doing the same thing freaks me out a bit. But I really wish I still lived on the farm and that my kids could grow up on with the same freedom I had as a kid. Instead we are in the middle of a nicely manicured subdivision where the houses are built to “look” like older homes. The landscaping is pretty blah and the same all around us. We have the required # of bushes and trees just like everyone else but I also collect plants and seeds from friends and I have a wild assortment of things growing among the nicely shaped bushes. One day soon I hope to return to the farm.

Show: Rosa’s Photo that makes her happy

Rosa’s Tell: Hi Everyone! This is Rosa and I just moved to Chicago. The first time I ever rode the “el” was a few weeks ago with Amy and a lot of other cool Chicagoans. I’m on an adventure to create my happy (whatever that means) and this photo makes me happy!

Show: Julie’s Flowers

Julie’s Tell: I’m sending a picture of a flower that I took the day I was cleaning the yard. :)

Show: Patrick’s Storytelling Philosophy Illustrated by James Sienko II

Patrick’s Tell: I write to tell stories of the strange world both within and without. I believe that the creative urge (either succumbing to it or seeking it out) is integral to inner happiness, which of course translates to happiness in our outer life! It’s a good sign for us all that you and the others in this online neighborhood gather together to encourage this essential element in both yourselves and your children. Way to be! For the show I am sending this nice illustration from one of my stories by artist and friend James Sienko II. It nicely sums up one of my most strongly held storytelling philosophies.

There are several more show & tell comments (sans pictures) on our original post.