Morning Rehearsal: Chicago theater 6/3

Morning Rehearsal: Chicago theater 6/3

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1. It’s the 25th anniversary of Off-Off Campus, University of Chicago’s famous improv comedy group, this weekend. Expect to see cast members from the history of the group performing favorite scenes in the show on Saturday from 9 to 11 pm in Ida Noyes Hall at the UofC.

2. The Chicago Dramatists 2011-12 season has been announced, with productions of The Kid Thing, Blizzard ‘67, and I Am Going to Change the World. All three productions are topical; The Kid Thing, which is being co-produced with About Face, is about lesbian couples and the drama that comes with having a child. Blizzard ‘67 will actually run during the the 45th anniversary of said storm, and I Am Going to Change the World discusses the “What If?” of a potential Goldman-Sachs employee.

3. Chris Jones’ interview with Matt Stone, the co-author of The Book of Mormon, where he discusses mormons, mormons, and more mormons.

4. Baby Wants Candy is tonight at 10:30, at the Apollo Theater. It’s comedy, but which type? “The audience shouts out a title of a musical that has never been performed before. Accompanied by a full band, the first title that the group hears becomes the title and theme for that evening’s completely improvised 60 minute musical that BWC creates on the spot.”

5. Actors have more glamorous options than they used to, if you consider Trader Joe’s glamorous (I do, as does all of Lincoln Park). Nora Fiffer is now starring in The Last Act of Lilka Kadison at the Lookingglass Theatre, and she’s also part-time at the grocery store. Hedy Weiss has an interview with Fiffer on her burgeoning career.

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