My favorite weird Christmas ornaments

My favorite weird Christmas ornaments

I have some really pretty, timeless ornaments on my Christmas tree: like the silver bells for each year that my husband and I have been married, the laser-cut wooden ornament my husband and I bought on our trip to Munich a few years ago, and the tiny silver cup my mother gave me that says “Baby’s First Christmas.”

But the ornaments that are always dearest to my heart are the little oddballs, like these guys:

This is, naturally, a little crocheted pieróg with eyes and a tiny smile. Could anything be cuter? I love it because I’m Polish, I love pierogi and my family eats them every year at Christmas dinner. Plus, last year I received it in the mail before I knew who sent it to me (my dear friend Paula) so opening it was a delightful mystery.

What, you’ve never seen black Santa waving as he rides an alligator dressed as a reindeer? This ornament is from New Orleans, of course, which is the source of everything that is awesome.

Finally, this is a sad cat wearing high heels and a blue and pink sweater. I bought her (?) for my husband while we were dating in honor of his cats, whom I love/hate (and now they are partially my cats as well). There’s something I cherish about a cat in hypothetical psychological discomfort. Sadly, her tail broke off, which only contributes to her disappointment with her fate.

What are your favorite weird ornaments? Include a link to a photo if you can! Merry Christmas!