My Ode To Lil’ Wayne

My Ode To Lil’ Wayne
Gabbi Kelenyi
My Ode To Lil’ Wayne
Gabbi Kelenyi

My Ode To Lil’ Wayne

Poet: Gabbi Kelenyi, 18

This is Gabbi’s first year participating in Louder Than a Bomb. She is a senior at Walter Payton High School and is a member of Team Walter Payton.

My Ode to Lil’ Wayne
My dearest Weezy,
Please marry me!
Or at least, talk to me about your writing.
Your rhymes and allusions are like blessings ordered and delivered!
My mother and father will never approve of our union.
But we can pop those haters like Orville Redonbacher!
They can’t understand why you swear And ask women to do dirty deeds.
But I understand.
It’s all out of love, for love, with love.
You’re only telling it how it is.
It’s all about the ethos, that pathos, and that logos, right?
Or rather, that BEEP, that money, and the weed.

Dear Mr. Carter,
Tell me, where have you been?
You said you’d love me three times more than my mom time can (and will) only tell.
Let me be your Mrs. Carter,
With five kids like the Jacksons!
Let’s be together forever. I
‘ve been lonely D-Wayne,
I’ve been waiting for you.
I’ve decided! You are the pistol to my holster!

I believe you when you say you keep that flame.
A million here, and a million there,
When you call me on your sidekick,
I won’t be that shy BI— I mean home girl.
We are not the same, you are a martian.
But that’s okay!
We can fly away, together in a rocket ship, far far away.
I can be your way through the day,
Your light for the night!

I’m drowning, drowning in your paragraphs because I have no doubt that I could love you forever (sung) Young Money, I am more than just a fan.
If I had a man, you could make me pack up and walk out that door.
Let me throw it to you, so you can catch it and score.
Just gimme some of the quiet time.
C3, make me explode like Tha Carter III.
My heart beats for you like the baseline from “3 Peat”.
If you would just call me your sweetheart, I’d follow you anywhere, live life in the fast lane.
I know you’re probably wondering,
Who da hell is this girl?!

Oh, Weezy Baby,
I am your bride-to-be!
And we can live forever happily!
Just be my provider, and I’ll be your rider…
I want this SHHHH forever mine,
My dearest Lil Wayne, please drop me a line.