New campaign ad touts Romney’s Spanish-speaking son, Mexican-born father

New campaign ad touts Romney’s Spanish-speaking son, Mexican-born father

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Remember back in the day when Mitt Romney told Univisión that talking about his father, George, and suggesting that his birth in Mexico somehow gave him some sort of link to Latinos would be “disingenuous”?

His position seemed remarkably honest. But then, just as Latinos garnered the spotlight, Mitt started to talk about how George was Mexican-born. Of course, he never mentioned the crucial context of his father’s birth: That he was born in Mexico in a polygamous colony that had broken off from the larger Mormon Church when the church dropped its acceptance of multiple wives in order to get Utah admitted to the Union.

And now Romney has gone one step further, actually suggesting his father — who was a U.S. citizen and once ran for the presidency of this country — was an immigrant.

This is his campaign’s new ad, featuring Spanish-fluent son Craig, and running in the Latino-flushed swing states of Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Ohio and North Carolina (yeah, North Carolina).

“I’m Craig Romney. I want to tell you how my father, Mitt Romney, thinks. He very much values that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather, George, was born in Mexico. For my family, this country’s greatness lies in how we respect and help each other, regardless of where we come from. As president, my father will work for a permanent solution to our immigration system while working with leaders of both parties. I invite you to listen.”

I’m dying to hear about his Craig’s dad’s immigration plans — a topic he’s been avoiding for months. Here’s hoping that Mitt has come up with something besides “self-deportation” and that he’ll be willing to discuss it, you know, in the lifespan of this commercial’s airing. That hasn’t been the case so far this summer.