No Bail For 2 Charged With Killing 6 Chicago Family Members

No Bail For 2 Charged With Killing 6 Chicago Family Members

A 22-year-old man and his girlfriend accused of killing two children and four adults in a Chicago home in February will be held without bail pending trial.

A Cook County judge called the alleged actions of Diego Uribe and 19-year-old Jafeth Ramos “pure evil.”

After murdering the family, including two boys, Uribe Cruz and Ramos left with money, a piggy bank, electronics and jewelry.

Both were charged with first-degree murder Thursday after police say they found DNA evidence matching Uribe, a nephew of one of the victims. Police say cellphone records also put Uribe at the scene and that his motive was to rob the family for money. Police say Ramos was an accomplice.

Outside the courthouse, Lourdes Oliva said she’s Ramos’ legal guardian. She said she believes Ramos was pressured to cover for Uribe Cruz.

“He had control,” she said. “She could not take a shower without knowing. She could not wear make-up. She could not leave the house. She had to be with the baby. I know that.”

Prosecutors say the two used the stolen money in part to buy milk and diapers for their one year old son.

The two are being held without bail.