Not yet out of the woods… .

Not yet out of the woods… .

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News Item: ”… accused Republicans of sowing seeds of racial fear… ."
We need to get this straight.
The Republicans are not sowing seeds of racial fear.
They are watering a large stand of old-growth trees.

News Headline: “Thousands of Libyans march against violence.”
What will those wild-eyed Muslims try next?

CXXXII Days Until Super Bowl XLVII Concussion Count:
NFL player concussions through the season’s second week: XXII.
The count including the pre-season: LXX.
We will start paying real attention to this at some point.
But it will come too lVIII for many.

News Headline: “Autumn is here: Time to put on your coats and watch the leaves turn color.”
About that.
A botanist once explained the autumn colors to QT:
“The flow of nutrients is slowly squeezed off. Chlorophyll is no longer produced. The other pigments take over… ."
So the leaves are having the life squeezed out of them and, well, would probably scream if they could.
Hey. QT is a reporter. It tells the news.

News Headline: “Is Obama a ‘divisive’ president?”
Many voters think he is.
Many voters do not.

News Item: ”… ruled earlier this month that sex-reassignment surgery is the only adequate treatment for… ."
Doug Dahlgren, a Chicago reader, wants to know when sex changes became sex reassignments, and when can have sex changes back?
And T.F., a Sturgeon Bay, Wis., reader, wants to know when government spending became a government “investment,” and “does this mean government spending is a thing of the past?”
And… .

QT Early Warning System:
Sixteen days remain until the United Nations International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, followed nine days later by National Evaluate Your Life Day, as long as we are on the subject.

The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy is now ranked 5,590,659th on the Amazon books best-seller list, for those keeping track.

President Obama explaining further what he means by the redistribution of wealth:
“I think in the United States over the last generation or two — we’ve been much better at generating wealth and much less good at distributing it.”
Then again, what do you expect from–
No. Wait.
Those are the words of Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs.

M.P., an Evanston reader, regarding Mitt Romney’s asking for help in naming his campaign plane, writes:
“The Inelegant Anti-Gay.”
Or… .

News Headline: “Romney: I’ve paid at least a 13 percent tax rate in each of last 10 years.”
News Headline: “Romney releases 2011 tax return, paid 14 percent last year.”
News Headline: “Romney cut deductions on 2011 taxes to maintain tax pledge.”
News Headline: “Romney’s tax rate actually 9 percent.”
News Headline: “Romney could recoup extra tax payments after election with amended return.”
Make you dizzy?
It’s supposed to.

News Item: ”… has deployed nearly 3,000 behavior-detection officers… ."
The sound you hear is the ghost of George Orwell slapping his forehead because he never came up with the phrase “behavior-detection officers.”

Sarah Palin regarding the Romney-Ryan campaign:
“Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should ‘go rogue’ and–“
Oh, be quiet.

News Headline: “Will California ever fall into the ocean?”
Some of us are getting a little impatient.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge:
+ Fish are capable of logic.
+ Not a single fish is a Dittohead.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
News Item: ”… for the long dissent into town… ."
News Item: ”… his slow dissent into madness… ."
And arguing all the way.
Nothing can be the “latter” of more than two things, by the way.

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