Obama administration outlining Asian carp strategies

Obama administration outlining Asian carp strategies

The Obama Administration is outlining initiatives for next year to prevent Asian carp from making its way into the Great Lakes.

John Goss is the White House carp czar. He said the feds are working with local governments to up protection in and around the Great Lakes.

“We’ll be developing some new trap and net designs hopefully to be more efficient in removing carp from the waterways,” Goss said. “We’re working on genetic based methods to detect Asian carp that could give us a faster turn around.”

Other strategies include refining DNA testing to detect invasive carp and reducing food sources to the fish.

Goss said scientists will also evaluate if the invasive species are able to break through the electric barriers with the passage of steel barges.

President Obama this week signed into law legislation that prohibits live bighead carp from being shipped or imported in to the U.S.