On video: Marina City in its youth

On video: Marina City in its youth

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Updated 9:07 a.m.

The first residents of Marina City — architect Bertrand Goldberg’s architectural and urban planning tour de force — moved in 50 years ago this week.

Goldberg’s other Chicago landmark may be under attack, but this city-within-a-city is still going strong. So let’s mark the occasion by digging some silent footage taken when the complex and its remarkable twin cylindrical residential towers were still new. The crisp, color images were uploaded to YouTube by a company called Clips & Footage, an ofutfit whose YouTube channel describes it as “a friendly and independent supplier of high quality archive film.”

Resident Steve Dahlman, who operates the indispensable Marina City Online website, said he discovered this video a few years ago. “The footage is most likely from 1964,” Dahlman said. “All we know for sure is it was from a mid-1960s travel film, Chicago Believe it or Not.”

It’s a fun clip, particularly when the camera moves inside and shows funky and overstuffed late 1960s interiors that far divorced from the cool modernity of the buildings’ exteriors. There are pretty good shots of the old plaza level Marina 300 restaurant, too. The helicopter shots show just how much the River North area has developed since the 1960s.