On video: The architecture of Maywood

On video: The architecture of Maywood

The west suburban town of Maywood often gets viewed through the narrow lenses of crime and — as the Chicago Sun-Times reported a month ago — shocking municipal mismanagement.

All that tends to overshadow one of the village’s best assets: It’s architecture. The 140-year-old town located on the west edge of the Des Plaines River has some insanely overlooked high-quality examples of pre-World War II building design, ranging from neat Craftsman bungalows to stately Prairie School homes that can complete with those found in nearby Oak Park and River Forest.

Which brings me today’s video, The Historic Homes of Maywood, sent by Tom Kus, chairman of the Maywood Historic Preservation Commission. It’s a well-done piece that does right by the town — and those there who are working to preserve and enhance Maywood’s buildings. My favorite is the Cluever House at 12:57 in the video, designed by architect John Van Bergen.

“It kind of gives you a nice overview of the community from an architectural and historic perspective,” Kus said of the video.

Check it out and enjoy.