Oprahgo: Oprah is making this town lose focus!

Oprahgo: Oprah is making this town lose focus!
Oprahgo: Oprah is making this town lose focus!

Oprahgo: Oprah is making this town lose focus!

Whew. Now Rahm Emanuel is mayor. Awesome. It feels great to have that behind us. Now we can stop reporting on him and start reporting on his lawmaking. Ahhh, stasis. Wait, what? He already outlined cuts? Darn, give us a day Rahm, one day to relax!

I want to turn my attention to Oprah Winfrey and her mega-show tonight. Do you think she realizes that because of her grandiose ending at the United Center, she has deprived the Chicago Bulls fan an extra playoff game this week? We should have had four games this week, but we will have three. She also messed with our momentum. People think it is only the players who need momentum. Nope, fans need it too. If the game was tonight, we would be focused and ready. But the game is tomorrow, so I'm starting to drift and think about other things. You know, like laundry.

B story: If you care, the Miami Heat are practicing at UIC this week. Where will Lebron eat dinner? My bet? That Lalos on Maxwell street. But who cares, because Beyonce is in town: RT @luisarroyave: Beyonce is at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago rehearsing for tonight's "Oprah" show.

C story: Grant Achatz tweeted out that he refused the drink order of a Chicago Bull after the Sunday night blowout of the Miami Heat. Apparently, a Bulls player came in to Aviary (so hot right now, soooo hot) and asked for the cocktails to be removed and for the server to bring out a bottle of Vodka and seltzer. Achatz and team refused and the Bulls' player left.

I don't know how to feel about this. I get it,  Aviary doesn't serve alcohol that way. But my problem might be with the tweet itself. It is always hard to read tone in social media, but was Achatz bragging that he refused the Chicago Bull and his pedestrian order? Was it Achatz way of taking back control with a "you might be great on the basketball court, but you aren't better than me in the bar." Now, you probably think I'm making much more out of this than I should, but I want my superstar chefs to understand the pecking order of stardom in this city. Athletes, politicians, furniture salesmen, radio DJs, chefs. And for the love of all things right, this mystery Bull better not have been Taj Gibson. Maybe if it were Jannero Pargo or Brian Scalabrine, I would buy it. Maybe Korver because he's missing shots. But anyone else? Ugh.

D story: WBEZ's Robin Amer put together a nice slideshow called "Faces in the crowd" at yesterday's inauguration. She interviewed folks and took their profile picture. This is a nice piece that not only showcases the inauguration, but gives us something to look back on for this moment in Chicago history.

Weather: So nice today. This is great April weather.

Sports: If you are a fantasy baseball player, the move right now would be to pick up any pitcher going against the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. The Sox are 5-12 at home and aren't hitting anything. They were shut out last night by Cy Young candidate Colby Lewis (For those who aren't baseball fans, I'm being super sarcastic). It's really embarrassing right now. I'm the first one to show my undying gratitude and love for White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen, but something might have to change. Ozzie is a slow starter and has picked it up before (see last year), but let's remember that the only championship season featured a red hot beginning to the 2005 season. When the Sox start slow, they don't usually make it. Right now, the White Sox are 10 games back on May 17th. No, the season isn't over. But it sure sucks to be a fan watching such high paid superstars whiff constantly.

So what is the problem? If not Ozzie, something has to change. Ideas, peanut gallery?

Kicker: In cased you missed it (Karen at the reception desk didn't), Alderman Ed Bus weighed in on the end of Mayor Richard M. Daley last Friday on WCIU's 'You & Me in the Morning.' Did I ever tell you how much Alderman Bus loves Jeanne Sparrow? At the end of this clip, the honorable Alderman Bus climbs over the couch and falls. That was for my son. He loves pratfalls.