Packing healthy kid’s snacks for summer camp

Packing healthy kid’s snacks for summer camp

GoGo Squeez (photo by Joseph Storch)

There’s only a week or two left of school, which means parents who aren’t shipping their kids off to some camp tucked away in the Wisconsin wilderness (me) are going to have to continue the daily stress of supplying lunch provisions. Add to this equation the growing issue of no nuts, no dairy or no gluten, and you have a daily conundrum that could baffle even the most organized adult. There are quite a few new products out on the shelves however, including GoGo Squeez, a line of 100% fruit applesauces inspired by a NASA design, requiring no refrigeration.

Pro Bugs by Lifeway Foods (photo by Joseph Storch)

The Pro Bugs line of kids drinks comes via the folks at Lifeway Foods in Morton Grove. This is the same company behind Starfruit, a frozen kefir shop with a few locations around the city. The Pro Bugs line contains 10 active cultures to promote healthy digestion, while satisfying calcium requirements and containing about half the sugar of most competitors’ drinks. These packs, however, do require refrigeration, so be sure to include an ice pack.

Boom Choco Boom from Enjoy Life (photo by Joseph Storch)

If your kids are sensitive to dairy, nuts or soy, there’s a new line of products from Enjoy Life. They make products that are gluten-free and allergy-free, and their dairy-free rice milk bars are better than they sound (I actually tried them). ‚ Easy to pack in a lunch and they’ll give you the peace of mind that junior won’t need an EpiPen at day camp. If you want to see some more of these products, I’ll be talking about them live today on our news at 11 a.m., but you can always watch the video here after 11:30 a.m.