Padraig O’Hara (III)

Padraig O’Hara (III)

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The late-forties activist Padraig O’Hara talks fast, ideas and one-liners spewing from the back of his head as if his life depended on them being heard, now. He’s well read, and holds opinions on most political matters from the last two decades. [With apologies to the careful readers among you; this post was intended to follow Tom Shepherd’s concluding comments.]

What would you do if Jesus came back to earth?

As you’re aware, unlike the Jews, Muslims believe that he was an important prophet so they would accept him. The Catholics would probably accept him, I’m not sure about the Protestants or the Baptists here, but if he was to return—Ah, I thought he only comes at the end of the world. If he’s just coming for a visit, to do some technical support maybe, I’m not sure he would be safe. I mean, I would think he’d have to expose himself to only a slight few people. I don’t think he should go to the Vatican. I think the last place he should appear should be the Vatican. I think he should appear in Gaza, that’s what I think. I think he should reappear right there. Some Jews might go, Wow he’s back again, and they might convert. You might see some Jews just drop to their knees and go, Oh wow the carpenter’s back. I think there’d be a consciousness. I think there might be peace in the Middle East if he was to reappear there, I really do. Now if he was to go and appear at the Mecca, they might all decide to become Christians, all of them, but again it would depend on who he exposed himself to. The elite? They’d probably try to do away with him, but if it was a very public thing, and the Mecca you know has a million people. If he was to appear there in such a manner that they couldn’t turn a television off they would still broadcast his face, and say he spoke in more than one language …

I never really actually pondered the question you’ve asked, ever. If he came back I’d like to be more spiritually centered, but if he came back I think it could make a difference cause if an alien came down no one would believe in Jesus. It would be the exact opposite. You probably would have complete and utter panic unless the alien came in so many places and greeted a lot of folks and it could cause complete disruption of our thought.

I’d almost rather have Buddah came back because he was the one that rejected the caste system of India. He also was around a lot longer and there’s been a lot less wars in Buddha’s name than Jesus’s name. So maybe it’d be better if Buddha came back because Buddhists tended to not really go for any Buddhist empire.

But it would assume if he had to come back, it would seem like that his message wasn’t any good. If he had to come back, our Earth is really hurtin’, our Earth, this gulf of oil is so bad, and even if it’s been plugged up, three states worth of oil is still floating around.