Palatine is Trying to Avoid Sales Tax Hike

Palatine is Trying to Avoid Sales Tax Hike

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Officials in northwest suburban Palatine are exploring ways to avoid Cook County’s planned sales tax hike including secession.

Palatine Council member Scott Lamerand says the village is frustrated with the sales tax increase. So he says they’re inviting Cook County Board President Todd Stroger to explain the hike to residents.

LAMERAND: By increasing sales tax what we’re doing is really hampering our ability to create revenue streams and to really create a sustainable form of government that can see itself going forward.

Lamerand says the council is exploring options to avoid the increase including seceding from the county. But he says he doesn’t know if it’s realistic or even possible.

Local music shop owner John Giovannoni is concerned the increase will drive some customers to Lake County where the sales tax is lower. But he doesn’t buy the secession idea.

GIOVANNONI: Blah, blah, blah blah. Political positioning. It’s nothing. It’s just blow hard. It ain’t gonna happen.

A spokesperson for the Illinois Municipal League says county lines have been redrawn several times in state history. But he says a past proposal to form a new county from the northwestern chunk of Cook didn’t go anywhere in the General Assembly.

In a statement, a Cook County spokesperson says the tax increase will help provide services to Palatine residents including support for public health and public safety. She says, “It is unfortunate that they believe this is the right course of action to take.“