Peter Kremidas says we should leave Chicago brothel madam Kimberly Miniea alone

Peter Kremidas says we should leave Chicago brothel madam Kimberly Miniea alone

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The original famous Chicago brothel, the Everleigh Club
Comedian Peter Kremidas might find the details behind the recent crackdown on Chicago brothel madam Kimberly Miniea a little hilarious — but he also says that we don’t have a good enough reason to break up her family, no matter how unusual it might seem. Read an excerpt or listen below.

Chicago brothel madam fights for custody: A local Chicago woman Kimberly (last name seems to be pronounced Min-Knee-a-ah) ran brothels starting in 1987 until a police raid around 2009. She is now fighting for custody of her two adopted teenage daughters, with the help of former Chicago judge and alleged former client James Bailey. James Bailey was arrested in the same 2009 raid at Miniea’s establishment. He was quickly released and no charges were filed because he was just at the brothel, chilling, like you do.

Now a single woman trying to raise two teenage daughters while running a brothel may sound like the premise to a new show on AMC, but it is in fact, your local Chicago news for this week, I checked. Miniea says that her client list is a veritable who’s-who of Chicago politics including — according to her — a priest, several senators, a police chief, a city commissioner, and three mayors.

As a Chicagoan, how fun is it to spectulate that Richard Daley was one of those mayors?

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