Chicago George Floyd Protest
Katherine Nagasawa / WBEZ

PHOTOS: Thousands Converge In Chicago’s Loop To Protest George Floyd Killing

Katherine Nagasawa / WBEZ

PHOTOS: Thousands Converge In Chicago’s Loop To Protest George Floyd Killing

Protests continued for a second consecutive day in Chicago on Saturday over the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes.

Most of the thousands of demonstrators who converged in the Loop Saturday afternoon were peaceful, but others fought with police, blocked traffic, looted stores, set fires and defaced buildings with spray paint. Arrests were made and some police officers were injured. By nightfall, Mayor Lori Lightfoot had seen enough, and she declared a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

WBEZ covered Saturday’s protesters as they moved around the city. 

Content warning: the signs or graffiti in some photos contain language that may be offensive to some people.


Stop Killing Black People protestor
Wacker Drive
Trump Tower protestor
We're Sick Of This sign protest Floyd

We Demand Justice protest photo

wide shot of Floyd protestors
Black Lives Matter poster
Police and protestors Floyd
AfAm Floyd protestors
Middle aged woman Floyd
Girls on car Floyd
Man defacing cop car
People up on cop car
Man yelling Floyd protest
Cops facing crowd Floyd
Woman standing protesting Floyd
Protestors with police behind
Line of cops
Protestors sitting Floyd
Blue line vandalism
Wall vandalism     
Large crowds Floyd

Lake Shore Drive 

Protestors on LSD kneeling
My skin is not a threat poster
Silence is violence
Marching on LSD crowds Floyd
LSD marching police protestors Floyd

Caravan to Cook County Jail

Car protestors posters Floyd
Justice for Floyd poster
Looting banner Floyd protest
Being Black Is Not A Crime poster Floyd
Middle aged woman protest
Organizer megaphone Floyd protest
Family on car protest Floyd
Brown black power poster
Holding signs out of cars
Biker crew Floyd protest
Mexican flag protestors Floyd
No puedo respirar poster
Killing names poster Floyd
Defund the police protestor Cook County Jail Floyd
Protestor fist in air out of car Floyd

Katherine Nagasawa is WBEZ’s audience engagement producer. Follow her @Kat_Nagasawa.