Poll: Which big news story will try to be snuck in during the Thanksgiving weekend?

Poll: Which big news story will try to be snuck in during the Thanksgiving weekend?
Poll: Which big news story will try to be snuck in during the Thanksgiving weekend?

Poll: Which big news story will try to be snuck in during the Thanksgiving weekend?

Today is one of the slower news days of the year. Why? Because your elected officials, organizations, criminals and other newsmakers have to get out of town, just like you.

But we are pretty much fully staffed today at WBEZ. Why? Because some newsmakers in Chicago like to announce big, bad controversial news when no one is paying attention. So we’re here to stand guard.

So, who’s it going to be this year? Who’s going to be the one who announces a controversial new plan/hike/law/school closing? We’re watching. Well, at least until about 3pm.

Leave your thoughts below in comment section. The person who comes closest to predicting the Sneaky Night Before Thanksgiving News Bombshell gets a Car Talk mug.

Will it be:

  • Presidential candidate drops out
  • Mayor announces deputy hire
  • CTA/Metra announce rate hike
  • Cutler really out for whole season
  • CPS closes schools

B story: If, Friday is Black Friday, then tonight is Drunk Wednesday. You know what I’m talking about young people: Tonight is the night where you get the band back together and try to down as many Coors Lights as you can while navigating your ad hoc high school reunion (“Heyyyyyyy…!”). Oh, all this at the local townie bar. When I was the type to go out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our bar was called “The Gambler.” What’s yours? C’mon, it better be a one word bar named after a country song. Otherwise, quit while you are ahead. Oh - and don’t drive. Cops are waiting for you.

C story: Gee, I wonder if this Muppet Mania existed when the Muppets took Manhattan? Probably not.

D story: Tomorrow is the big Thanksgiving parade in Chicago. As I wrote last year, ‘tis the season for trampling State Street planters.

Weather: Nice Thanksgiving weather.

Sports: Oh my lord. What a Thanksgiving treat to maybe get Neckbeard back in Chicago. He’s exactly what this team needs. Not because he can play ball or we’ve seen him win in a pinch in Chicago, no, because we need someone with an awesome nickname like Neckbeard. If Orton does indeed come to Chicago, how about signing him to a multi-year deal and just having him back up Cutler in the future? Nothing against Hanie, but we are on the doorstep of the Super Bowl. I’d feel much better about getting the bad news that Cutler will not be back if Orton is there to babysit the ball. That was a magical year back in 2005 (until Grossman messed it up). So let’s get the band back together. Any way we can get David Terrell off waivers too? Or at least out of his data entry job?

But seriously, we need football players that we can judge on and off the field. With Hanie, we have nothing but his play. Boring. With Orton, we get this!

Neckbeard!!! (Collage from Chicitysports.com/2006)

Kicker: This is the weekend that you should take your old high school friends to a comedy show. Not sure which one to see? How about picking up a RedEye today and check out their big spread on the 7 rising comedy acts to watch in 2012. Making the list? Our very own Brian Babylon. Brian hosts the Morning Amp on Vocalo and is a guest on Wait! Wait! He’s blowing up. Seriously, Babylon will be on TV/movies and I’ll be trying to hit him up on Facebook. And slowly, he’ll block me. But I’ll be able to say “Babylon? Oh yeah, we’re best friends. He’d love you.”