Rauner: Democrats’ Economic Agenda A ‘Major Breakthrough’

Rauner: Democrats’ Economic Agenda A ‘Major Breakthrough’

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Something unusual happened in Illinois state politics this week—Governor Bruce Rauner complimented House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Madigan and Rauner have been locked in a budget and political impasse for two years now.

Rauner has said the state should change some of its economic policies as part of a budget plan, while Madigan has said a budget agreement shouldn’t be held hostage to Rauner’s policies.

But this week Madigan introduced his own agenda - which includes reducing the corporate income tax rate.

Rauner called it a “major breakthrough” in a Facebook video.

“Democratic leaders in the General Assembly have now publicly acknowledged that we really do need to get structural change to our system as part of getting balanced budgets,” he said.

But Madigan also made a point to say he’s still not on board with a big part of Rauner’s agenda.