Reminder that everything is OK (and a couple p.s.'s)

Reminder that everything is OK (and a couple p.s.'s)

A quick Thursday hello to everyone...

Had to share this video with you all today.  (Thank you to Jackie for sending it my way).  You don't really have to watch the whole thing, though I will say that I found it kind of impossible to pull myself away from it once I hit play.

p.s.  THIS FRIDAY NIGHT  AT 6:30 I'll be at The Hideout, participating in Abraham Levitan's show "Shame That Tune."  It involves music and embarrassing myself-- a potent combo.  Novelist Joe Meno is also part of the line-up, thank goodness, because he always kills it.  More info here

p.s.s.  THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT 2:00 I'll be at the Mt. Prospect Public Library doing a reading/signing/event thingy.  The extra cool part is that my book "Spoon" will be performed as a puppet show by renowned storyteller/puppeteer Marilyn Price.  I can't wait to see little Spoon as a puppet! More info here. (can we invent the acronym M.I.H. ? you with me on that?)

See you all back here Monday with two, count 'em two, new videos.  

1.  The "Cool" video with all of your personal messages integrated in a state-of the-(he)art interactive way.    
2.  The video from our "Train of Thought" mission/adventure!